Washing Machine Check Up

Just recently my washer machine broke. Everything had been just fine last week, no strange noises, all the water came and went as it was supposed to, and my clothes were clean. To suddenly find that the water did not go where it was supposed to was slightly alarming. I did the logical thing and put “Spin” on the little dial. Big mistake. More water came, and it still had nowhere to go.

I always thought washer machines were impossible to break. I found the big piece of metal to be so intimidating, I never did a check up. That was my first mistake.

No matter how good you are with plumbing or hooking up your machines, there can always be a problem.

Constantly checking in, opening your washer without the intent of putting clothes in it, can help you in a long run. Nearly everyone knows to clean out the lint from the lint tray, perfect. That is the first thing you need to do to help your machinery to stay in perfect condition.



Another big one is time. Do not leave your clothes sitting in the washer for too long. Wash it, then put it in the dryer. Letting it sit can lead to bad odor, and even get to the point of growing mold. Before you close the lid for another week to pass before you need to wash, make sure you do not see any mold growing.

washing machine smell

Once a month check the connection of everything. Make sure you do not have any broken pipes, or worn out parts. Make sure your washer is leveled, having it at even a slightly crooked level will cause it to shake when it is working, which can lead to it banging itself or damaging wires.


You should also try and clean your washer. Just because it makes your clothes clean does not mean it is clean. Some washers have certain detergent to clean it, and if all else fails, getting a wet towel can help.

Keeping an eye on your machines can be tedious, and even intimidating, but oh so worth it. Because of my inability to pull the washer out and do a little check up, I now have to buy a new washer. Do not do the same mistakes I have, constantly check on it and clean it.
Hopefully you will not have to buy a new one for a very very long time.