Mildew and Mold? How About No!

Mildew and Mold? How About No!


No matter how clean you are, mold can occur anywhere. Even hotels have had problems with mildew being found in their bathrooms, and trust me, hotels are very, very, clean places. Any damp places such as basements and bathrooms can grow these fungi, if it goes unnoticed, a row of problems can occur.


Are They Different?

When trying to get rid of theme you need to know what you have before you can do anything. Mildew is a light powder like film that is white or grey. Mold on the other hand is a lot darker with black, green, or brown colours. Not only that, it tends to build up making it look fuzzy.


Health Issues.

Even a healthy person can get respiratory problems when it comes to being near mold or mildew. The  real problem are sick people, if someone already has respiratory problems, being around either of the fungi can cause fatal damage to their health.


Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

As ugly and intimidating these fungi may seem, they are relatively easy to clean. Get a soft-bristled sponge, mix bleach and some water in a spray bottle and away we go. Spray the diluted bleach onto the affected area, let it sit for ten minutes, then scrub.


Where Is It Coming From?

If you are constantly cleaning mildew and mold in your bathroom, it’s okay. These fungi are their strongest in damp places, the only way to stop them is by constant cleaning (sorry). Now, if you get it somewhere that isn’t damp, get worried. It can mean that you have a leak that’s letting rain water get in later allowing for mold to build up.


Is It Too Much?

If you have yet to find a source, or you find a leak, ask for help. Call a plumber or your maintenance office. No matter how embarrassing or how little the problem is, these people are happy to help. Besides, its better safe than sorry!

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